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  • Polish your HR English 2 Angielski (nie) tylko dla HR –owca

    Polish your HR English 2 Angielski (nie) tylko dla HR –owca

    Po sukcesie pierwszej części książki Polish Your HR English. Angielski (nie tylko) dla HR-owca prezentujemy Państwu część drugą, która zawiera nowe tematy związane z zarządzaniem pracownikami w firmie. Nie koncentruje się tylko na perspektywie HR-owca, lecz także specjalisty (obcokrajowca) poszukującego zatrudnienia i obserwującego nasz rynek pracy.
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  • Genetic algorithms for advanced planning and scheduling in supply networks

    Genetic algorithms for advanced planning and scheduling in supply networks

    Advances in intelligent methods have significantly modified the business organization of enterprises and the way they do business. The efficient management of the new form of business needs new tools. Therefore, this book presents an optimization method with genetic algorithms for operating decision making in supply networks.
    This book focuses on both the theory and applications of genetic algorithms for planning and scheduling in supply networks and is divided into two parts. Part I presents ...
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  • Global and regional implications of the euro area crisis

    Global and regional implications of the euro area crisis

    This monograph is the result of a scientific investigation conducted by the research team of the International Economics Department of the Cracow University of Economics. Its scope embraces a wide range of problems related to Eurozone crisis and at the same time reflects the well-grounded research interests of the Authors. This is mirrored in the structure of the work.

    This book is addressed to lecturers and students of economics in higher education institutions and all those who find interest ...
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  • Intercultural Management Issues

    Intercultural Management Issues

    The reviewed book contains a discussion on the sources of barriers in management in a cross-cultural environment. It also includes a presentation of chosen aspects of organisational behaviours that are of vital importance from the angle of a possible occurrence of cultural differences. These issues are undoubtedly practical and reflect evidence of cultural differences existing in the business reality. Choosing the right and proper problems for the discussion in the book must have been a very ...
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  • New Paradigm of the Social Housing Finance

    New Paradigm of the Social Housing Finance

    Social housing plays a crucial role in the development of housing market as well as housing exclusion. Contemporary, it is not only financed by the state, but also includes new forms of publicly supported and non-market housing, such as cooperatives, rent-geared-to-income, limited-dividend and non-profit housing provided by social agencies, community groups, non-profit private firms and political organisations other than governments. The aim of this book is to put forward new innovative ...
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  • Public Economic Law

    Public Economic Law

    Podręcznik zawiera analizę różnorakich rozwiązań dotyczących oddziaływania państwa na gospodarkę. W przeważającej mierze przedstawia regulacje prawne bezpośredniego wpływu sektora publicznego na gospodarkę , ale nie stroni też od innych bardziej pośrednich form. Ukazuje najistotniejsze z perspektywy przedsiębiorcy zapisy aktów prawnych odnośnie do definiowania, podejmowania i prowadzenie działalności gospodarczej, obecności przedsiębiorców na konkurencyjnym rynku, uczestniczenia w procedurach ...
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  • The electricity transmission system operator

    The electricity transmission system operator

    Currently, the key element upon which EU energy policy is focused is the implementation of the so-called Third Liberalisation Package. This policy is based on a mechanism of far reaching regulation. Transmission system operators (TSOs) are at the heart of regulation of the single European energy market, because of their fundamental significance to the structure and operation of the energy sector. It is believed that the future of the European energy market and European energy security will to a ...
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  • Capitalism and political power

    Capitalism and political power

    "Capitalism and Political Power" presents the author?s research spanning economics, law and politics. Its central idea is that governments need two components to consolidate their position: legitimation and economic power. Legitimation is conferred by popular support, and economic power is based on natural, temporary possession of capital. This concept draws on Nouriel Roubini and Jeffrey Sachs? seminal research and on George Tsebelis? political theory, looking at political systems as structures ...
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  • Carbon Funds in Climate Policy

    Carbon Funds in Climate Policy

    The book offers a deep insight into the subject of carbon funds - investment vehicles aimed predominantly at acquiring carbon credits. It is primarily concerned with selected aspects of the organisation and activity of carbon funds which the public authorities invest in. It also explores the effectiveness of investment decisions made by carbon funds compared with all the other entities purchasing carbon credits. What is more, the Author discusses the presumptions and provisions of the European ...
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  • Doughnut Economics

    Doughnut Economics

    ?I read this book with the excitement that the people of his day must have read John Maynard Keynes?s General Theory. It is brilliant, thrilling and revolutionary.? (George Monbiot). Economics is broken. It has failed to predict, let alone prevent, financial crises that have shaken the foundations of our societies. Its out-dated theories have permitted a world in which extreme poverty persists while the wealth of the super-rich grows year on year. And its blind spots have led to policies that ...
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  • Capital Where it is Wanted

    Capital Where it is Wanted

    I highly appreciate the ambition of writing a book intended for practitioners which addresses the difficult day-to-day realities of financial management in non-financial businesses [...] I believe that this work will be very useful for practice in the workplace as well as teaching in the classroom. Its Authors have collaborated well to produce a valuable learning tool. Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Jajuga, Wrocław University of Economics (Poland)
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  • Public Procurement as a Tool of State - Building in Post - Conflict Situations: The Case of Afghanis

    Public Procurement as a Tool of State - Building in Post - Conflict Situations: The Case of Afghanis

    The dissertation is a novel study on the Polish literature market. In an interesting manner, it presents an important issue in terms of economy and state institutions, namely, public procurement. Her experience as a practitioner, as shown in her arguments for choosing the subject of research, enables the author to present the issue of public procurement from a perspective different than that adopted by scholars to date. The research possesses both theoretical and practical dimensions. The author ...
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  • Operational risk as a problematic triad risk resiurce security business continuity

    Operational risk as a problematic triad risk resiurce security business continuity

    This book is a summary of the author?s achievements and his research on the problematic triad "Operational Risk ? Resource Security ? Business Continuity?, which have regularly been presented in earlier author?s publications. The perspective of risk (and actually three integrated perspectives: Risk ? Security ? Continuity) in the author?s opinion may become the key to the interpretation of contemporary management challenges. The reasons for this position are as follows (and are explained in ...
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  • The Role of Innovations

    The Role of Innovations

    It is commonly believed that innovations are crucial in company's actovity. The significance of the role that is assigned to the issue of innovation is confirmed by numerous scientific research studies that indicate the existence of a link between innovativeness and company performance. In terms of the dynamically progressing process of globalization it seems that the relationship between innovation and company performance should be examined in the context of entities participating in ...
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  • Company in process of integration with European Union

    Company in process of integration with European Union

    Conditionality of conditions and functioning of companies Approaches for conduct of economic activity
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